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Beyonce Review O2 World Berlin Review The Mrs Carter Show

June 3, 2013 by divider image
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The Mrs Carter Show – Beyonce World Tour 23rd May, O2 World, Berlin

The only certainty of Beyonces world tour was demand. As the disappointment of a 2 minute sell out swept the UK many Brits looked to European dates for a chance to see the woman herself.
As those lucky enough to have caught her live before will agree she is worth a little extra effort, yet not even a ripened Bey fan could have foreseen the masterpiece the hardest working women in pop has endeavoured to create here.
Sadly the same cannot be said for warm up act Luke James. As he takes to the stage it becomes apparent his performance is slow and repetitive, the 28-year-old singer takes his time in handing out roses and un-buttoning his shirt for what can only be seen as few swooning teens in the crowd. A disappointing and cliché show considering his hefty credentials include writing for Chris Brown, Britney Spears and Justin Biebier.
When Beyonce finally makes her entrance this is completely overshadowed as a tense gothic intro is played via the giant horizontal screen seen at this year’s Super Bowl. Keeping in theme with the Tours advertising campaign Beyonce is pictured exploring a period building and clothed as if plucked straight from 18th-century France. She proceeds with an explosive opening of ‘Run the World,’ the white, bright and jewel ridden colour scheme screams royalty even by her standards presenting the pop star in the image of a goddess.
The super woman powers on with all the glitz, glam and pyrotechnics you can fit into one evening, keeping the tempo high even during slower numbers such a ‘If I were a Boy,’ during which she accompanies with The Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony.’ She exhibits unfaltering energy throughout the show executing every note and movement with precision, but if you can remove the rose tinted glasses for long enough it doesn’t take too critical an observation to see why she cancelled the Antwerp show in Belgium; she looks exhausted. It’s no wonder with such a demanding set and back to back shows, still it’s hard to ignore her detachment from the audience at times which occurs as a result. Not quite the admirable audience rapport we have come to expect from Queen B.
This said it’s hard to deny her commitment to the tour, having devised the choreography herself the overall performance is nothing short of world class. The live band and backing dancers display enthusiasm and flair as they pull off a tight, believable and entertaining show. The backing dancers in particular are given the chance to shine as they in parts lead the show during a ballet sequence and duets from Les Twins.
The array of costumes is also incredible, beneath the glitz and glam they offer creative relevance to the songs and complemented the accompanied dance movements maximising the visual impact, though keeping count of changes is impossible. A particular favourite is the sparkly purple cat suit in which she performs ‘1+1’ perched on a grand piano from which she flies over the crowd to a stage in the round to address the further audience of the arena.
Beyonce closes the show paying homage to Whitney Houston with her rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’ and her ballad hit ‘Halo.’ Her artistic talent as not only a singer, but a performer is so explicitly imprinted into The Mrs Carter Show that it’s impossible not to admire her dedication. As she describes her influences and her excitement of seeing Michael Jackson when she was younger, it’s almost ironic that she is to many his successor.
Beyonce performed again in the UK again yesterday for her co-founded ‘Chime For Change Campaign’ in Twickenham to raise funds for girls education, justice, health globally and to promote empowerment to women.
The second half of The Mrs Carter World Tour beings in Los Angeles on the 28th of June.

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