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David Ward New Single shared on Soundcloud

January 14, 2014 by divider image
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David Ward has given a sneak preview of his new album due out in Febuary by releasing a single on Soundcloud. The new single give a view of the sound of his new album.
Taking his cues from the past and with a vision towards the future, David Ward has created a portal to the spiritual, the dirty, the beautiful and the raw on his second solo album, Golden Future Time.

Fresh off an acclaimed performance at the 2013 Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Ward’s star is in the ascendant. Following up on 2012’s celebrated EP trilogy, The Arrival, he has readied a textured brew of the cosmic and earthy; a sonic exploration of the muse combining electronica, R&B, funk, art-rock, disco and cabaret.
Cinematic in scope both musically and lyrically, Golden Future Time is a two part saga created for the artistic opportunity of vinyl. Each side takes the listener through different worlds and genres without compromising quality or cohesion.
The opening ambiance of Side A is quickly anchored with the dark and heavy pulse of the kick drum that ignites the 7/4 jam “slowly through the night.” It’s a threatening storm of angsty guitars and distorted bass. This passes into the meditative synths and off-kilter beat of the title track “Lost” which climaxes in a prog-rock jam evoking the psychedelic leanings of Pink Floyd. The remainder of Side A travels from the cabaret lullaby of “Ghost in the Woods” to the quiet yearning of “Be Here”.
Side B picks up on the astral-soul tangent, taking us into a new dimension of Michael Jackson- esque harmonies, 70’s disco guitar spank, and vintage synthesizers. A new galaxy of funk and R&B that slides between the dance floor groove of title track Golden Future Time to the impressionistic ballad, Bird in the Hand, to the synth-heavy, thundering bass hook of Fly.
Rooted in a respect and knowledge of what has come before, Ward looks to the future with artistry and daring.

He has been getting rave reviews including from Uncut who said

“Imagine Jeff Buckley’s untethered falsetto with Stevie Wonder’s warm, grainy tenor…David Ward has mastered both, plus all points between. Ward is clearly a versatile and ambitious talent.” –

Also Clash Magazxine said

“David Ward is blessed with a high, trailing singing voice, the sort of thing which could recite the phonebook and have an audience in tears.”

Finally Q simply said

“A very special artist indeed.”

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