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Osfest 2011 Sunday Night Review

June 3, 2011 by divider image
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Osfest 2011 Review our last segment is the Sunday Evening Lineup.

Many peoples highlight of the festival was “From The Jam” ( Who opened the main stage on Sunday night. The line up consists of original “Jam” bass player Bruce Foxton (who also played with “Stiff Little Fingers”), drummer Chris Granger , and singer Russell Hastings who has shocked and amazed audiences worldwide with his authentic and passionate performance of The Jams back catalogue.

“From The Jam” played the classic hits such as “Down In The Tube Station At Midnight”, “Going Underground”, “Beat Surrender” and of course- “Town Called Malice”. Everyone in the crowd went absolutely nuts for these guys. The combination of fantastic, nostalgic songs and fantastically talented and reputable musicians meant that “From The Jam” had OsFest buzzing! Most importantly though- you could feel their energy- you knew that they were having the time of their lives performing to such a receptive crowd.

After the excitement of “From the Jam” we decided to go and check out the dance arena (before it closed!). We came to a huge barn, with a good couple of hundred people in dancing to some hugely talented DJ’s such as “Andy George” and “Toddla T” who had just the right combination of “old school classics” and new dance tracks. We could of easily stayed in there and continued dancing, but, we wanted to see the last act of the festival- “The Feeling” (

We headed over to the main stage where the band played their massive worldwide hits such as; “Sewn”, “Never be Lonely”, “Fill my little world” and ”love it when you call”. It seemed like the whole of OsFest were in the crowd singing and dancing along. It really was an impressive sight, seeing nearly 5,000 people bouncing up and down after such a brilliant performance by these guys. They were the perfect end to the festival and it ended it on a massive high!
To summarise, OsFest 2011 was a brilliant festival, with a collection of fantastic local/unsigned bands and massive credible artists. The selection of music this year was definitely better than 2010, and was much more thought out in order to cater for everyone.

However, in managing to improve on things from 2010 where needed they actually missed out on the basics that they had got so right previously. The toilet facilities were disappointing to say the least this year, the whole campsite, which held over 3,000 campers, had 8 portaloos. The arena had just 16 portaloos, which were ridiculously placed on the way back to the tents rather than in the arena area itself.

Last year there was an abundance of toilet facilities, placed all over the festival site from the fair to the food court. However, this year, I have to say, it seems that they were not high on the agenda. Only a minor criticism, but just something to consider next year.

Although the bar was well staffed and well stocked, there was not a great deal of drinks on offer, and for what you were buying, they were a tad overpriced. As you are not allowed to take your own drinks (including water) into the arena, there does need to be a compromise so that people use the bar, and don’t end up staying in the campsite all day.

This is the thing with OsFest you see; it is only in its 2nd year! So, it’s bound to need a few tweaks here and there, and eventually it will be spot on! It has the potential to be a fantastic festival, and to put Shropshire on the map, and I have no doubt that it will be.

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