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Mumford and Sons at Mandela Hall Review

April 23, 2011 by divider image
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The sold out show had filled the Mandela Hall venue with a thrilling anticipation, that was understandably electric. This was certainly one of the hottest tickets in town and the band that everyone was eagerly awaiting was of course the mighty Mumford and Sons. The band had been gathering pace for the best part of a year and their growing popularity was apparent to see as the crowds eagerly pushed to the front with the arrival of their idols on stage. From the minute the opening bars of ‘Sigh no More’ started the noisy Belfast crowd were instantly captivated. With so much energy and passion in their performance it was impossible not to be drawn in & absorbed by their emotive sounds. Admiringly the guys were utterly humbled by the crowd’s purely positive reaction & seemed overcome with emotion at times, which just made the boisterous crowd cheer even louder. Songs sounded even more energetic and passionate than on CD’s and Mumford’s sheer exhilarating enthusiasm succeeded in working the crowd into something of a frenzy, clapping & foot stamping like lives depended on it. Although their music is deeply rooted in folk, on stage Mumford & Sons have the energy of an exhilarated rock band. The energy and sheer inspirational passion of their performance eliminated any notions of old-fashioned tradition. Mumford’s vocals, which somehow achieve uplifting yet graveling sounds, coupled with thought-provoking lyrics, make this band very different to traditional folk artists of years gone by. Such a sudden rise to fame will eventually come with its share of cynicism but right now Mumford & Sons are riding the crest of the wave and it really is hard to hate four lads that are so honestly charming, hideously talented and heartwarmingly humble. The freshness of Mumford & Sons unique sound suggests they’ll be at the forefront of the folk revival for many years to come.

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