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An Interview with Lucy Spraggan

May 13, 2012 by divider image
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With OsFest less than two months away we at Love Music News thought we would have a bit of a catch up with some of the acts, and we started off with the fantabulous Lucy Spraggan, who will be performing on THE MAIN STAGE on SATURDAY 3RD JUNE.

Hey Lucy, Thanks for chatting to us, we absolutely loved you at OsFest last year! So, what have you been up to since?

Since last year I’ve been up and down the Country, touring with Open Mic UK and Live and Unsigned. I’ve been really keen on meeting new people and building my fan base, it’s all early mornings and late nights but I enjoy every single minute of it.
I independently released my album ‘Top Room At The Zoo’ back in November and it was amazing to see the support I got from that.
The best thing about this year is all the amazing people I’ve met at all the different gigs, can’t wait for this year!

What are your Thoughts on OsFest?

Last year was the first OsFest I’ve been too, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s changed for 2012. I am expecting such good things, it’s tipped to be a big one.

What is your most memorable gig?

My Most memorable gig is Manchester Pride 2011; it was the first time I’d seen someone I didn’t know singing to my songs. I nearly cried on stage!

What is your favorite song?

My favorite popular song is ‘Remix to Ignition – R Kelly’, but, one of my most favorite songs is by a man from Derby. He visited my local Youth Centre when I was younger, he is completely under the radar but there is one song of his that is more than amazing. It’s called ‘Die for Love – Swift 89’ and you can find it here

What is your favorite album?

The Offspring – Americana. It was the first album I owned and there is not a song on it I don’t know.

Who is your Musical hero?

Dolly Parton. Every time.

Who is your Guilty pleasure?

I don’t think this is a guilty pleasure at all, but all my friends do… I love every single Taylor Swift song, and I think she is amazing.

Who are you Most looking forward to seeing at OsFest?

Goldie Lookin’ Chain; last year those guys gave the most energetic and genuine performance I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait for them to play this year. I know every word to their songs too!

What are you Most likely to order at a bar?


Do you have a Hangover cure we can steal?

Waking up early and getting to a McDonalds.

Any Festival tips to share with us?

Don’t bring more than 100 GLASS bottles of beer to the festival you are going to. You’ll probably end up having to go to the nearest supermarket (that is 10 miles away) and buying 4 of the biggest bottles of water you can find to then go back, empty the water out of said bottles and replace the water with the beer you bought to last you the whole weekend. I speak from experience. Also, always take a hat.

And finally, any plans for 2012?

I have already started my UK tour and this Summer you can catch me at plenty of festivals, As well as OsFest here’s a few I can confirm so far; Live Fest, Osfest, Beatherder, Y-not, L Fest, Glade, Manchester/Sheffield/Northern/Hull Pride and many more!
Also, it’s my 21st birthday in July, come have a beer.

Lucy’s album “Top room at the zoo” is available now……

Thanks Lucy, see you in June.

Sarah x

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